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South Post Oak Barber College is a vocational school having as its primary purpose the successful preparation of its graduates for gainful employment.  The various courses in occupational education offered by the school are intended to allow students to develop skills that will provide a means of self-support and sense of self-worth.  By educating , graduating, and pre-

paring students to successfully pass the state board licensing examination south post oak barber college. Endeavors to provide individuals with the ability to become gainfully employed and increase his/her productivity capabilities and contribution for the benefit of our city, state and nation. South Post Oak Barber College doesn’t discriminate on the basis of race, sex, disability, color, creed, marital status or religion.

South Post Oak Barber College is committed to providing students with the knowledge and skills necessary for employment as technical and skilled professionals.  South Post Oak Barber College endeavors to lead workforce development by offering students lifelong learning opportunities through quality education.  These opportunities include adult literacy and certificate programs that lead to entry-level professional employment positions.

South Post Barber College will pursue its mission through a student-centered environment bases on the fundamental value of a commitment to excellence, fostering a positive learning process in an atmosphere of mutual respect.  South Post Oak Barber College strive to promote individual student development and to improve the quality of life in an increasingly multi-cultural community.