Thank you for considering SOUTH POST OAK BARBER COLLEGE as your choice for exploring a career in the cosmetology  and barber field. No other course offers you the ability to be creative, innovative and passionate about a career then

The BARBER AND HAIRSTYLING profession. If you are interested in working with people, becoming your own boss and  make great money, well then this is definitely the career for you. See if you  have what it takes for a successful career in this exciting industry. Fill out the request FORM and a represented will contact you.

As a graduate of the SOUTH POST OAK BARBER COLLEGE programs, not only will you have the experience and expertise in the latest procedures and techniques, but you will also have the business skills to put that talent to work. You will fill confident as you enter into the work force, armed with the latest knowledge and practical business no how.

Imagine a career helping others feel fabulous about themselves and the way they look.  If you’re not sure what area of the barber industry is right for you, call one of our friendly admissions representatives today. Well be happy to answer all your questions and assist you in finding the right career path.


South Post Oak Barber College is a vocational school having as its primary purpose the successful preparation of its graduates for gainful employment.  The various courses in occupational education offered by the school are intended to allow students to develop skills that will provide a means of self-support and sense of self-worth.  By educating , graduating, and pre-

paring students to successfully pass the state board licensing examination south post oak barber college. Endeavors to provide individuals with the ability to become gainfully employed and increase his/her productivity capabilities and contribution for the benefit of our city, state and nation. South Post Oak Barber College doesn’t discriminate on the basis of race, sex, disability, color, creed, marital status or religion.

South Post Oak Barber College is committed to providing students with the knowledge and skills necessary for employment as technical and skilled professionals.  South Post Oak Barber College endeavors to lead workforce development by offering students lifelong learning opportunities through quality education.  These opportunities include adult literacy and certificate programs that lead to entry-level professional employment positions.

South Post Oak Barber College will pursue its mission through a student-centered environment bases on the fundamental value of a commitment to excellence, fostering a positive learning process in an atmosphere of mutual respect.  South Post Oak Barber College strive to promote individual student development and to improve the quality of life in an increasingly multi-cultural community.



SOUTH POST OAK BARBER COLLEGE uses the wonderlic, an ability to benefit test approved by The US DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION  an independent tester shall test students wishing. To be accepted for admission to South Post Oak Barber College bases on having Passed  An approved ATB test.  The passing score is 200 on the Verbal and 210 on the Quantitative Same testing session (math) test during same testing session. The test schedule is Available from the admissions office. Testing fees must be prepaid and the funds are non- Refundable should a student fail to appear for a scheduled test. In the event a student Fails the test, the test may be rescheduled with an additional testing fee. Students Admitted in an ATB TESTING ARE ENCOURAGED TO SEEK GED CLASSES; these classes Are available at most public libraries.  Successful completion of a GED TEST  is a valuable Tool and may be used for admission to may higher education facilities.

All prospective student must go through an interview process. Classes start the first Tuesday of every month, but students may register at anytime.  The registration process Follows:

1. Interview

2. Completion of admission packet

3. Submission of required documents Signing an enrollment agreement

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South Post Oak Barber College offers certificate programs in the barbering industry. All programs lead to a certificate of completion. Students must pass a state examination for licensure after completing the required training hours.


The mission is to train our students to master the art and science of barber styling and to install in our students the important of good public relations for the job market

{1500 Hours completed in no less than 12 months Cost $5860.00}


The barber refresher course is a program that allows licensed barbers to renew or update skills and prepares formerly licensed barbers for the state board examination. Applicant to this program must hold a current or expired barber license issued by the state of Texas or another state. {300 Hours - 3 Months full Time - Cost: $2260.00}


The cosmetology operator to class A barber program is a cross over program that allows licensed cosmetologist to get a class A barber license after doing 300 clock hours. {300 Hours - 3 Mths Full Time - Cost: $2260.00}


To train our students in current instructional area and to provide a hands-on instructional program. {600 Hours completed in less than 16 weeks Cost:$3160.00}


This program provides our students the education he/she will need to become an instructor and the necessary skills to become a licensed barber instructor. {750 Hours completed in no less than 6 mths Cost: $3160.00} { 500 Hours completed in 6 mths Cost: $2860.00}

PROGRAMS #programs #programs #programs Request Information by phone or fax 832.649.5992 832.649.7042 (fax) info@southpostoakbarbercollege.com 14217 South Post Oak Road / Houston, TX Lacation Map